Friday, October 09, 2009

Clomp! League: Season Two, Intro

After a short hiatus, the league reforms for Season Two. Several coaches decide to cut their losses and pick new teams to play with, while a number of new coaches flock to sign up, having heard of the potential glory waiting for them in the trenches of the Clomp! league!

It was decided that new teams could play up to five games before Season Two started, to catch up with the teams that were returning from Season One. Unfortunately had one sneaky coach who crossed the line, somehow filling up his dwarf team with all level 3 players who had somehow scored 29 (!?!) touchdowns over 5 games, with all of the Star Player Points being evenly spread through all of his dwarves! Needless to say, this coach was booted from the league and will not be allowed to join again!

Season Two saw an expansion of the league to 20 teams. Below is a list of the teams participating in Season Two.

Returning Teams:
Blood Fang Boyz (Orc)
Azh's Bashas (Orc)
Ground Round (Dwarf)
Plaguebringaz (Skaven)
Altdorf Avengers (Human)
Bufo Draconis (Lizard)

New Teams:
The Dance of Death (Chaos)
Rodentswarm (Skaven)
Doom-Sayers (Chaos)
Zerkr'z (Orc)
Earthweavers (Wood Elf)
Children of Sand (Lizard)
Black Blood Passers (Dwarf)
Da Mork-Muun Nite-Gobbo'z (Goblin)
Eight Arrows of Doom (Chaos)
Nurgle's Pathogens (Chaos)
Waterdeep Warriors (Human)
Tree Rats (Wood Elf)
Malal'z Marauders (Chaos)
SneakyVermin (Skaven)

Read the full post for links to individual match recaps.

Day One - Bufo Draconis
Day Two - Malal'z Marauders
Day Three - Tree Rats
Day Four - SneakyVermin
Day Five - Waterdeep Warriors
Day Six - Plaguebringaz
Day Seven - Blood Fang Boyz
Day Eight - Ground Round (No show by the Dwarf team, so no writeup)
Day Nine - The Altdorf Avengers

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