Sunday, December 21, 2008

Small / Independent Gaming Links - Part II

This is a followup to my first post. Click the link below to see some links and thoughts about a few interesting, independent, free games that you may never have heard of.

First off, we have two constructor set type puzzle games. You use the tools provided to put together machines that accomplish certain goals.

Fantastic Contraption - Assemble a self-propelled contraption to move past obstacles and reach the end goal.

Incredibots - Similar to Fantastic Contraption, but with a lot more complexity in regards to the types of machines you make.

The Eyeballing Game - Very simple concept, but engaging nonetheless. Find out how accurate you are when gauging angles, distances and straight lines.

Auditorium - This is an interesting concept. You move and resize circles to deflect rays through certain spots on the screen. As you successfully do so, bits of music play. The object is to get all of the bits of music to play at the same time. It's basically a puzzle game, but the ebb and flow of the music as you try and manipulate the rays properly lends an ethereal and calming air to the whole process.

Minotaur China Shop - I havent played this one yet, but the concept makes me giggle.

Fun-Motion Physics Games - Blog with commentary and links about various games with physics.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where me Choppas!?

It was with heavy heart that I read this interview with Adam Gershowitz and Josh Drescher where they stated that there were no plans to work on additional careers for Warhammer Online! Which means, that the Dwarfs and Greenskins are left out in the cold. Not only do we not have the racial capitols available for either race, but they are also both short one class, that of the melee DPS variety.

Having recently started working on some Tier 4 PQs with my all-Greenskin guild, we ran into some extremely difficult end-events for a couple of early T4 PQs, ones that it seemed would have been a lot easier with the capacity to output more damage. Makes me wonder if these PQs were initially designed with all four Greenskin classes in mind, but never re-tuned when they decided to cut one of the DPS classes.

In this post by Mark Jacobs back in March (which was in response to the outcry when he announced the major content cuts) he says:

As to the future of these careers, I would love to say that they will be put into the game at some point but I can't. We will continue to look at them and if we feel we can make them great, then we will put them into the game. If we can't, then we will put in other classes to take their place.

The emphasis is mine, but I think the point still stands. And the devs in the first linked post aren't just saying that there are no plans for Choppas, they are saying that there are no plans at all for additional classes! So given that there aren't even any ideas in motion, the earliest we would see any filling out of the Dwarf and Greenskin factions would be six months down the line!

When Warhammer was first released, I remember there being a lot of complaints about how completing PQs required tanks and how the Dark Elves and Empire factions were having trouble due to their lack of tanks. Now, they are magically blessed with new tank classes. So I just have to ask...