Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Small / Independent Gaming Links (mostly)

I've recently gotten into the whole RSS feed thing lately, and have been subscribed to a number of gaming blogs, which in turn have led me to a plethora of independent games, a very large side of gaming that doesn't get a lot of press but can generate some amazing results. These links have been gathering in various emails and such, and in organizing everything, I decided I should share them there.

Some of these have already generated their own threads, but I included them here just for sake of completeness

Some of these are flash games, most are standalone downloads, some are free, some cost money, but they all have at least some sort of demo and are all worth a look.

Click the link to see the list.

Game Links:

Indie games of the year from Games Tunnel - Lots of good stuff here! I've only tried a handful of the games listed, but every one I tried I found interesting and considered throwing 20$ at it. Even if I only play for a few hours, that's money well spent, IMO. Anyway, the listing is broken up by genre and every game seems to have a free demo download available. This site is an excellent source for finding small games of all sorts.

Toribash - Hard to describe. Its a fighting game, but the player manipulated their fighter by tweaking muscles and joints. I havent even tried to play multiplayer. I just have fun seeing what happens with different combinations of muscle contractions and extensions. And if you cant get into the game itself, you might be interested in simply going to YouTube and searching for videos players have created.

Dwarf Fortress - I've talked about this game a lot, but it always deserves another mention. Still very much an alpha, and still has ASCII graphics and a painful interface. But the sheer genius of it all is well worth the pain. Go here to download a version with pixel graphics.

Tower of Goo - Just what it sounds like! Try to build the tower as tall as you can before it falls apart.

Jello Car - Platformer with some interesting physics.

Orisinal - Collection of odd flash games by one guy. Some are more entertaining than others.

Hoshi Sage - Another flash game. Objective is to 'discover' the star. The interesting part is that each level has different ways you manipulate the objects.

Putty Challenge - Puzzle game involving blocks of putty that you can merge and break apart.

Last Stand 2 - Zombie attack survival simulator. Part strategy, part shoot 'em up. Flash based I believe.

Here are a few links to games that I haven't looked at yet.

7-day rogue - Results from a competition to create a rogue-type game in 7 days. I haven't had a chance to look at these yet, but it seems like there is some nice variation and its not all about bashing monsters in a multi-level dungeon.

Chronotron - This one sounds really interesting. Its a platformer, but you have multiple versions of yourself that you use to accomplish your goals. The copies repeat whatever actions you did before you copied yourself, requiring you to coordinate with them in real-time.

Music Bounce - Don't know enough to make any comment, but it must have caught my attention for some reason!

Fall from Heaven - Mod for Civ IV: Beyond the Sword. Haven't tried this out, but I've seen it mentioned numerous times in various blogs.

Gamma 256 - Collection of small, experimental games

LOTR Total War - Mod for Rome: Total War. Unfortunately, it requires the Alexander expansion. I wish they would do a version for MWII.

And finally, here are a couple of miscellaneous links that aren't games.

Miscellaneous Links:

Dominance War - Concept art competition. There are a LOT of extremely cool drawings here.

Gaijin Smash - This is a blog about being a black American and teaching English in Japan! I found it laugh out loud funny and bizarre! Follow the link and scroll to the bottom to start with the oldest posts and work your way back up. Otherwise you'll lose out on the history which can put some posts out of context.

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