Monday, November 23, 2009

Clomp! League : Season Two, Day Six

Coming off their first and only loss, Azh's Bashas were looking to recover their place at the top of the division when they faced off against the potent offense of the Plaguebringaz, league leaders in pass attempts, catches, passing yards, rushing yards, touchdowns, and surprisingly, knockouts!

Embarrassed by the ease with which Orion the Titans had routed his team last week, Azh decided that he had better find out more about the Plaguebringaz roster before the game started. To this end he dispatched a couple of sneaky gobbos and they returned with three names, each accompanied by a crude drawing. The first name was Skreeluz, and below it stood an outline of a ratman with an extra arm sticking out from its side. The second name was Skreetz, and this figure bulged with distorted muscles. Finally there was the the name of Snutz, this one in a running pose with several horizontal lines trailing behind it. Scratching his head, Azh turned, showed the parchment to his Blizters and said:

"See deze rats?! Youz luuk fer dem an bash dem duwn. Ib dem git back up, youz bash dem agin!!"

The assembled Greenskins let out a resounding Hoowaaagh! for the brilliance of the tactical decisions made by their coach and charged out onto the field, ready to scrap with their opponent.

First Half:

Bashas receive the opening kickoff. Flying downfield before the ball even reaches the field, Galth sees the distinctive rat with the grotesque extra arm clearly visible. He slams into Skreezulz at full speed, grabbing the hapless rodent by two of its arms, swinging it over his head and slamming the Gutter Runner into the turf with spine-snapping thud. The Plaguebringaz sent their apothecary on the field, as the crowd erupts into frenzied cheering at the first sight of blood, but there was nothing he could do to save the unfortunate player.

Meanwhile, on the far end of the field, Gugfak cradles the ball, moving up the right side of the field behind a solid shield of black orcs and lineman. Skreetz, the second star Gutter Runner for the Plaguebringaz, enraged by the death of his litter mate, sprints past the line and tries to get a quick hit on Gugfak, but the attempt only results in the Orc Thrower falling back a step. The center of the rat defense is crushed and pushed to the right side of the field in front of the advancing orc offense. Chirkit the Kitteneater is badly hurt by Galnak during this push, putting the Plaguebringaz down by two players before the game has hardly begun.

Coming off the push on Gugfak, Skreetz bolts for the Bashas endzone. But Riknast remembers the words of his coach and chases the veteran Gutter Runner down from behind, snapping the rat's neck in a surprisingly brutal tackle, marking the second death for the Plaguebringaz in the game! Skreetz's mighty rat-strength proved to be no match for an enraged Orc Blitzer.

The Bashas methodically move up the right sidelines, driving the remaining rats before them. The Plaguebringaz fight tooth and claw, pushing back on the front line, but never able to break through. Badhag and Galth are pummeled by Snyykz the Gnawer as they try to find room downfield. With both Blitzters on the ground, one of them stunned, Snkyykz charges into the cage, trying to break a hole for his teammates. But as he pushes Varag backwards, Frenzy takes over and he follows the Black Orc into a crowd of Bashas players. Varag snarls and lunges back, causing a head-to-head collision that sends both players to the ground, leaving Snkyykz momentarily stunned. With noone downfield to throw to, Gugfak keeps the ball himself, stepping over the prone Rat Ogre and pushing ahead of his blockers. Badhag rockets off the ground, throwing Kriik One-paw backwards and sprinting for the endzone. But the rats are quick, and a young linerat named Kreeyz puts forth a heroic effort and makes a desperation tackle of Gugfak, freeing the ball. Waffyl the Lethal tries to step up and grab it, but he slips on the ball, falling to the ground. Varag, Galnak and Earguff clear space around the loose squigskin as Marfak slides in to pick it up, then swiftly hands it off to Itsham the Goblin, who dashes into the endzone for a touchdown!

Plaguebringaz receive the ensuing kickoff and strike hard on the right side of the field. Snyykz the Gnawer leading the charge as Snutz the Slippery, fastest player in the league, streaks down the sideline. The Basha Blizters, downfield as safeties, move to cutoff the open lane, pounding the Stormvermin Crytt, lead blocker for the Plaguebringaz offensive push, and putting pressure on Snutz.

Meanwhile, back in the middle of the field, another tragedy befalls the rats, as Whutuk the linerat, has his career prematurely ended by a mighty blow to the head from Earguff the troll, making him the third casualty of the night! The Plaguebringaz are unable to advance the ball further as first half ends.

Second half:

Plaguebringaz get the kickoff to start the second half, again pushing hard on the right side behind the broad, hairy back of their powerful Rat Ogre, who sallies forth and delivers a killing blow to Gramnast, up and coming lineman for the Bashas. The orc apothecary starts to run out onto the field, but before he can get there, Snyykz has dismembered the helpless orc, making any attempts at resuscitation a pointless endeavor.

Kutz the Sneek, second string receiver for the Plaguebringaz, fields the ball and makes short pass to put it in the hand of Kriik One Paw, primary Thrower for the rat team. The back blitzers for the Bashas again rumble over to stop the advance, throwing Waffyl into the path of the ultra-speedy Gutter runner. Undaunted, One Paw slides over to the sideline, launching a perfect strike to Snutz, who easily catches the ball. He turns upfield and tries to duck between the defending Blitzers, but the orcs slam the fragile Runner between them, sending him off the field for the rest of the game and completing their primary job of removing the three star Gutter Runners from the game.

Riknast knocks Waffyl the Lethal away from the ball, breaking his collarbone in the process. Spinning around, Riknast then picks up the ball, moving back to the middle of the field, inside the protection of the Bashas line. Snyykz tries to blitz in and recover the ball, but Marfak trips him up, giving Riknast time to run past midfield, following the hulking form of Varag, who delivers a crippling block on Lhykk the Claw, backup thrower for the Plaguebringaz, sending yet another rat off he field for the remainder of the match.

Kniim the Quick slips past the powerful grasp of Varag, lowers his horns and drives into the midriff of Riknast. But the Blizter holds strong, giving up a step but maintaining his footing and possession of the ball.

Galnast shoulders Kreeyz to the ground, inflaming a previous injury and crowding the Plaguebringaz injury box with an additional unconscious rat. Kniim again makes a play for the ball, but Badhag intercepts him, driving the rat to the ground and knocking him out cold. Riknast is able to walk into the endzone unopposed, the closest Plaguebringaz player over 40 yards away.

The rats can only field six for final kickoff. And just to rub salt in the wound, the Bashas get an early jump on the kick, allowing the Bashas to surround the ball as it lands. Kniim the Quick, again taking a chance to try and make something happen for his team, slams into Galth unexpectedly, knocking the Blitzer out of bounds where over-excited fans stun him. One Paw slides in past Sorruk, claiming the ball for his team. But as he tries to dodge away from the orcs, he slips on the blood of one of his teammates, falling hard and inadvertently launching the ball of the field. The fans eagerly throw it back, sending it downfield and just a few yards away from the Plaguebringaz goal line. Kniim the Quick dashes over but fumbles the pickup attempt. Thundering downfield, Galnast knocks him out making room for Badhag to recover ball and walk in for the third and final score as the whistle blows to end the game.

Final Score: Bashas 3, Plaguebringaz 0

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