Friday, January 29, 2010

Clomp! League: Season Three, Intro

And Season Three of the Clomp! Cup is off and running! After the trouble encountered last season where a number of teams went MIA, it was decided that Season Three would be limited to veteran coaches who had already proven their reliability. This season will also be the first to use the newly implemented playoff feature for multiplayer tournaments.

Many teams from Season Two returned for another shot at the title, but there are also several new contestants, including the first Dark Elf team to accept the challenge of competing in the Clomp! Cup. Total number of teams competing: 14.

Returning Teams:
The Dance of Death (Chaos) (Champions of Season Two)
Blood Fang Boyz (Orc) (Champions of Season One)
Azh's Bashas (Orc)
The Altdorf Avengers (Human)
Bufo Draconis (Lizardmen)
Tree Rats (Wood Elf)
Zerkr'z (Orc)
Nurgle's Pathogens (Chaos)

New Teams:
Khornate Kilers (Chaos)
East Eden Sins (Lizardmen)
Ithrond Ironstars (Dark Elf)
Odin's Hammer (Dwarf)
Plaguerunnaz (Skaven)
Chaos 101 (Chaos)

Read the full post to see links to the individual match summaries for Azh's Bashas.

Full details about this season (so far) can be found on the Shadowclan wiki.

Links to recaps of completed matches for Azh's Bashas will be added here as they occur.

Day One - Zerkr'z

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