Thursday, May 07, 2009

Eurogamer vs Darkfall

In case anyone doesn't keep up with these things, Eurogamer gave Darkfall a 2/10 score on their review. Obviously, Adventurine wasn't too happy about this score and after trying to sort it out with Eurogamer, took things public.

Tasos' first post.

To which Eurogamer responded, which prompted a followup post from Tasos yesterday, and then a 'final' post on the issue today.

I think Tasos comes off as too defensive and uppity a lot of the time, but I did like his final post. Also, I never realized just how much weight is given to these professional reviews. Personally, I prefer reading reviews on individual blogs instead. They generally point out good and bad things while approaching it from a true gamer perspective rather than a paid reviewer perspective.


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