Friday, April 18, 2008

Warhammer: Unanswered RvR and City Siege Questions

Mythic has been giving us a lot of good info about RvR and City sieges lately. But after my experiences with Shadowbane and WoW, I've come to the realization that players will cheat, lie, scam and abuse every loophole they can find if there is some gain in it for them. I can only assume that Mythic has seen some of the issues that have arisen elsewhere, but they still have left a lot of questions unanswered that I would like the answers to such as:

*How is determined who gains control of a keep that was just assaulted successfully? Killing blow? Most damage?

*Same question regarding the battles with the King and other big bosses in city sieges.

*What happens if you sack a city where the king is already captured?

*How are AFKers in Scenarios dealt with?

*Do you gain Renown points for winning a scenario instance even if you didn't get anywhere near another player or capture point?

*How long do players of a sacked city have to wait before they can try to reclaim it?

*Do the players reclaiming their city have to deal with the whole instanced gate battleground thing first or can they just charge back into the city proper and fight the invaders directly?

*Is there ever any loss of Renown points or do they just continue accumulating forever?

*Can you see who your opponents will be in the instanced scenarios? If so, then how will they deal with the groups who send in a spy ahead of time to make sure their opponents are weak before the rest of the group enters?

*Will off-peak hours players be able to take keeps with little to no resistance?

*If some keeps are in lower-level zones so that higher level players cant go there, are we going to see 'twinks' (oh, how I hate that term!) controlling these keeps?

*On the other hand, if all keeps are accessible to all players, wont the high-level players just come and dominate the lower level keeps?

*How do they plan on dealing with 'twinks' in the instanced scenarios

Sounds like they have some great concepts, I just hope that the developers have enough experience with WoW's Battlegrounds to understand how players will try to abuse their system. If not, things could get ugly...

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