Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Parting Desert Legacy

My girlfriend and I started playing the latest release of A Tale in the Desert a few months ago. We've built our compounds, had our fun, but our interest has waned (more on that in another post). So, we've decided to liquidate everything we own in-game and build the biggest obelisks we can. These structures never decay, and cant be torn down, so it will be our parting legacy for the world. It is unlikely our obelisks will be the biggest in the entire game world, but they will hopefully be the biggest for our region (our camp is in a sparsely populated area).

So, if anyone is currently playing ATitD and is willing to trade, we're looking to acquire the following items:

Crushed Eggshells
Cut Stone or Cuttable Stone
Medium Quartz

My character name is Mrmarbles. Check my in-game info for a list of goods I have available for trading.

Hit the Read More link for a complete list of items we have for trade.

Barrel Tap, Bauxite, Beeswax, Cactus Sap, Canvas, Charcoal, Clay Lamp, Clay Mortars, Iron Cookpot, Copper Cookpot, Copper Pipe, Copper Sheeting, Copper Straps, Copper Wire, Crucibles, Dirt, Dried Papyrus, Firebricks, Flystone, Leather, Medium Stones, Nails, Oil, Papyrus, Papyrus Paper, Papyrus Seeds(hf), Wooden Pestle, Powdered Emerald, Pulley, quicksilver, Rope, Sail, Small Barrels
Sulfur, Tar, Saltpeter, Thorns, Wooden Peg

Large Diamond, Large Emerald, Large Quartz, Large Ruby, Medium Diamond, Medium Emerald, Medium Ruby, Medium Sapphire, Medium Topaz, Small Diamond, Small Emerald, Small Quartz, Small Ruby, Small Sapphire, Small Topaz

resin:Ash Palm, resin:Bottle Tree, resin:Cerulean Blue, resin:Chakkanut Tree, resin:Coconut Palm, resin:Cricklewood, resin:Delta Palm, resin:Fern Palm, resin:Folded Birch, resin:Giant Cricklewood, resin:Hawthorn, resin:Hokkaido, resin:Kaeshra, resin:Miniature Fern Palm, resin:Mini Palmetto, resin:Ranyahn, resin:Spindle Tree, resin:Stout Palm, resin:Towering Palm,

Scythe:Quality 2000, Shovel:Quality 8143, Hatchet:Quality 3766, Hatchet:Quality 6160, Hatchet:Quality 6362, Archaeologist's Shovel:Quality 5301, Heavy Mallet, Wide Tungsten Chisel, Knife:Iron, Knife:Knife, Knife:Flint, Lead Chisel

Aluminum, Antimony, Clinker, Copper, Iron, Lead, Platinum, Tin, Tungsten

Ash, Lime, Limestone, Potash, Red Sand, Soda, White Sand, Fine Glass Rods, Glass Blade, Glass Jars, Glass Rods, Test Tube:Quality 4442, Test Tube:Quality 4626, Test Tube:Quality 5729, Test Tube:Quality 6555, Thistle Tube:Quality 3152
Thistle Tube:Quality 6286, Beaker:Quality 1, Beaker:Quality 983, Florence Flask:Quality 3028, Sheet Glass

Barley (Raw), Cabbage, Cabbage Juice, Cabbage Seeds, Camel Meat, Camel Milk, Carrots, Carrot Seeds, Coconuts, Dates, Garlic Seeds, Grilled Cabbage, Grilled Carrots, Grilled Fish, Grilled Onions, Honey, Leeks, Leek Seeds, Malt (Raw), Acorn's Cap Mushrooms, Bleeding Hand Mushrooms, Camels Mane Mushrooms, Cobra Hood Mushrooms, Dead Tongue Mushrooms, Dung Rot Mushrooms, Fish Hook Mushrooms, Pool Of Tranquility Mushrooms, Toad Skin Mushrooms, Mutton, Ashoka, Black Pepper Plant, Blood Root, Bluebottle Clover, Cardamom, Chaffa, Chatinabrae, Chives, Cinnamon, Common Basil, Common Rosemary, Common Sage, Covage, Crimson Clover, Dalchini, Dank Mullien, Dark Ochoa, Dewplant, Dusty Blue Sage, Dwarf Wild Lettuce, Earth Apple, Finlow, Fire Allspice, Fleabane, Garcinia, Glechoma, Houseleek, Indigo Damia, Jaiyanti,, Katako Root, King's Coin, Lemondrop, Mindanao, Miniature Bamboo, Mountain Mint, Pale Dhamasa, Pale Ochoa, Pale Russet, Primula, Purple Tintiri, Red Pepper Plant, Rhubarb, Rubia, Sagar Ghota, Shrubby Basil, Shrub Sage, Sugar Cane, Sweetflower, Sweetgrass, Tamarask, Thyme, Tiny Clover, Upright Ochoa, Weeping Patala, Wild Lettuce, Wild Onion, Wild Yam, Xanosi, Yava, Yellow Tristeria, Onions, Onion Seeds, Oil

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